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Vegan Eats | Cactus Kitchen Gals

Worthings first vegan eatery Cactus Kitchen Gals opened its doors on the 21st June this year and have been an instant hit with fans from their side quest days (including yours truly) and new visitors.

The conveniently located eatery in the town centre is close to transport routes (700 buses) and the beach which makes it perfect to stop in for a shopping break or to grab some takeout on your lunch break. If I lived in Worthing I would probably eat there every day, or realistically several times a week.

I decided it was about time I visited the new Cactus Kitchen Gals premises and showed my support while getting some seriously good grub. I’d been planning this for weeks so to say I was excited is a bloody understatement.

Since I was a bit pushed for time and wasn’t aware of the new opening hours (12pm-9pm) and had already stopped in I decided to have something quick to eat then come back for dessert. This turned into me having dirty fries followed by a Knickerbocker glory, birthday cake milkshake and notzarella?sticks – It was a very indulgent visit.



This is the Cactus Kitchen Gals menu but they also have specials every week a?brunch menu on Sundays too. You can also view it on their website here.


I had one of their specials this week

Dirty Fries:

Skin on fries loaded with burger sauce, gooey cheez, grilled onions and spring onions.

I consider myself a fry connoisseur and these were incredible. I loved the crunch of the crispy fries with the gooey & saucy topping. So delicious?and a sight to behold. I hope?these get added to the menu as a permanent feature because I would order these every time I visited. If you get the chance you must try these!


Birthday Cake Shake:

Soya milk, ice cream, ‘Rosina Makes’ Vanilla cake, topped with whipped cream and an icing and sprinkles rim.

If you’re not a texture person I would maybe say give this one a miss.?The flavour is so yummy and just like an American style birthday cake with sprinkles. You can feel the cake crumbs which might not be for everyone but if you can get past this it’s a seriously pretty and tasty shake. if the texture isn’t for you there’s plenty of other shake or drink choices. Oreo or chocolate is always a good shout.


Knickerbocker Glory:

Fruit cocktail, strawberry sauce, boho gelato vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream, sprinkles and a wafer.

The bi vegan me was delighted that this was on offer when I stopped by as it was a seriously hot day and I needed to cool down. This would be nice to share or something kids would really enjoy. No one would know its vegan! It reminded me of a screwball and made me feel super nostalgic. Such a treat!


Notzarella sticks:

deep-fried mozzarella sticks coated in a cornflake crumb. Served with sweet chilli dip.

These are not to be missed and should be consumed with every meal. They’re a perfect snack or side to any dish, even an ice cream (as I found out). The gooey cheese with the crispy outside coating is perfection and something everyone serving delicious vegan junk should have in their arsenal.

I took half of my portion home to eat later because I wanted to savour them. Next time I will get a portion or 2 to go. You could eat them cold later on if that’s your jam but they are so good when they’ve had a very quick zap in the microwave for like 20 seconds on high. They should be eaten warm and when the cheese is melty imo.


Rating: 10/10
Price: ??

*If junk food in a cute setting with quirky cactus stuff everywhere is your idea of heaven too then you’ve got to pay Cactus Kitchen Gals a visit. You won’t be sorry!


Check them out

t:?01903 340605



I hope you enjoyed this post and that you check them out.

Let me know what you think in the comments or??me??@veganbabelife

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