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This Weeks Horoscope

Last week I started talking about Horoscopes as this is something I’m interested in and pay attention to as a spiritual person. I think I’m a totally typical Capricorn and I feel like Ellie Rose really gets me.

I’m a Capricorn, which belongs to the element: earth, the is the last sign in a trio of practicality and grounding. We are all about independence and responsibility and love to work hard and be successful in our endeavours.



Strengths:?Responsible, disciplined, self-control, good managers
Weaknesses:?Know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, expecting the worst
Likes:?Family, tradition, music, understated status, quality craftsmanship
Dislikes:?Almost everything at some point


Let’s see what’s been happening for us Caps this week…

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The word of the week for us Capricorns is nurture


Definition: Care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing.

Origin:?Middle English: from Old French noureture ?nourishment?, based on Latin nutrire ?feed, cherish?.


I’ve been taking good care of myself this week actually. Making sure I get enough rest, fluids, healthy foods to make me feel good etc. I try to do this always but sometimes when I’m really busy or my mental health isn’t doing so well I neglect myself in a lot of ways. I’m sure most people do this.

So I’ve been trying to nurture myself inside and out this week like Ellie talks about. This week is all about acceptance, moving on and taking care of ourselves. I think I’ve done this pretty well and am ready to move on from what’s been weighing me down and start with a clean slate next week.


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