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STD Check – Normalising The Conversation

Stds and sexual health isn’t something I’ve talked about much but it’s so important to me and in general. It baffles me the stigma that surrounds many issues of health like stds and mental health, it shouldn’t be that way. Any aspect of your health whether its physical or mental all needs to be looked …

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Bodyform obliterate period shame with new ad

Bodyform decided to get rid of the stigma around periods and the use of blue liquid in advertising campaigns that are a complete misrepresentation of periods. This false advertising which we’ve always known only reaffirms embarrassment and shame, these things should have no place in magazines or television. Young girls especially should feel confident and …

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Health Benefits Of Turmeric Oral Spray

BetterYouTM gave me 2 of their award-winning?Turmeric Sprays to try. I am absolutely obsessed with Turmeric and use it for EVERYTHING! Any new health things are always a must for me and I’m also a believer that food is the best medicine. First impressions The packaging is beautiful and It’s also nice and compact to …