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Date & Ginger Pud With Caramel Sauce;

Date & Ginger Pud With Caramel Sauce

I posted this saucy date pudding on my Instagram?recently and said I would put up the recipe. So here it is! I find that people love sweet things just as much as I do so I really want to expand the dessert part of my recipe index. This recipe was inspired by the coop foods …

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10 reasons why October is great

I absolutely Love this time of year. Here are my top 10 reasons why October is so great: 1.Halloween (DUH!) Dressing up, Halloween treats, scary films, makeup, cold weather, kids having the time of their lives. What’s not to love!   2. Autumn the glorious time of year filled with Pumpkin-spiced everything, pretty leaves, great food, farmers markets, …