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Shopping day! Vegan finds @ Lidl Shoreham

I’ve been meaning to go to the big Lidl that opened up in Shoreham as it’s the closest big supermarket and you can find some really great vegan stuff. So today I thought I’d venture out and see what the fuss was about.

I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely be shopping here more. Now if I hadn’t forgotten a ?1 coin so I could actually get a trolley instead of loading up a basket or 2 like the tower of Pisa that would’ve made the trip much more enjoyable. Instead, I struggled around the store lugging my wares resembling a red-faced sweaty pig. *Sighs…

I expected more of the fresh produce but found some good items. For me the frozen section, the cereal and chocolate isles were where I found the really great stuff.

I’m really into frozen fruit atm with this heat. These are great for smoothies, yoghurt/cereal toppers, flavouring drinks/cocktails or eaten alone. These were just ?1.59 each for 400 & 500g! Much more cost effective than fresh fruit and perfect for these sunny days. I would’ve got more if I had more space in the freezer.

I must admit due to not having a trolley I couldn’t have a leisurely browse like I’m used to. It also makes finding new vegan products a lot easier if you’ve got time and arms to check the ingredients list. But I still found some really great stuff!

I always tend to buy veggie burgers like these wherever I shop as they’re good to have on weekends or when you want to make something quick. They also did cauliflower burgers which I prematurely got excited about.. they were cauliflower (dairy) cheese burgers.

I’m always on the look out for different tomatoes so was happy to see these lovely little ones which will look great in salads.

These were the biggest bargains of my shop I think as I’ve seen versions of these in Holland and Barrett and other health stores for a lot more. Don’t get me wrong I love h&b but when you don’t have much money and you live by yourself it’s great to find all these at such good prices!

  • Mixed Linseeds ?1.99
  • Crispbreads ?1.29
  • Seed mix bags ??1.25
  • Muesli 500g ?1.59
  • Cashews, almonds & pecans 200g ?1.72

I got so many veggies and healthy things but I don’t pretend like I don’t love chocolate. I eat it daily even if it’s just a couple of squares. I’m addicted! Vegan chocolate can be really pricey so it makes a habit like mine expensive.. rather like a drug problem. Boo.. 🙁 These 100g bars of plain dark chocolate cost just 30p!! On reflection 6 bars was not enough. I am a moron?

Mint cream bars JUST 89p! I only got 2. Refer to above statement.

Sea salt and orange choc bars ?1.29

So that concludes all my amazing finds at Lidl today. I hope to see you all going out and getting some of these bargains, and if you find any new ones feel free to share. I welcome any recommendations and will try to get more next time! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you check them out.

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Thanks for reading!

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