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My Love For Violife

If you follow me on social media/my blog you know I’m obsessed with cheese and love to cook. When I attended Just V Show recently I was lucky enough?to score lots of great products to review including lots of Violife cheese (hooray!). I don’t say I love things because I’m getting paid to, It’s because I genuinely love the products. I always try to stay on message and only work with brands that fit with my likes/interests and that of my blog.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I’ve been a fan of Violife for?a few years so will happily write about them and recommend them?as I think their products are great.?

It was lovely to see them at Just V Show and they were incredibly generous & gave me a lot of products to try. (Halloumi, herb slices, smoked slices, chicken slices, creamy tzatziki, Parmigiano wedge, cheddar block & mozzarella slices).


I was excited to try the new Halloumi and creamy tzatziki as these are things I love and are not something I’ve come across from other brands.?Most people in the Vegan community have heard of violife and you’ll find them everywhere from health food shops to supermarkets like Waitrose.



The new packaging looks so much better than the old which was white with colourful writing. It also includes recipes inside which is AMAZING! I also didn’t realize that Violife is actually a Greek company. Which I love because I love Greece and Greek food. Hoping to see a Feta on their product list soon. I think it would make a great addition to their already vast cheese catalogue.



I’ve made various things so wanted to showcase what I’ve used them for, what are my favourites and why.


Here’s what I’ve cooked with Violife


Violife do some great recipes on their site which you can check out here




It’s hard to choose favourites but I think the Halloumi is my favourite, then the parmesan wedge. The Halloumi style cheese is really delicious and fries so well on a griddle pan for a crispy outside and soft centre. The creamy tzatziki is so light & creamy (it’s now officially my favourite soft cheese). The mozzarella, cheddar & parmesan are nice all round ones to use in a variety of everyday meals/recipes. They’re always good to have in your fridge for sauces, pizza, pasta, sandwiches etc. I always try and make sure I at least have those 3 in my kitchen.?




Violife can be found online here @ The Vegan Kind, UK supermarkets like Tesco (with the exception of Tesco Express), at most Holland & Barrett stores and at select Asda, Waitrose, Morrison?s & Sainsbury?s stores.


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*This is a sponsored post and I received free products to review. This in no way biases my opinion of Violife.


Hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite cheese brand.

Let me know what you think in the comments or me?@veganbabelife

Thanks for reading!