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Gilmore Girls Examined

Most people know the popular American Comedy-drama series Gilmore Girls and were excited when it returned to Netflix for A Year In The Life.

I am a huge fan of the show starring Alexis Bledel as Rory & Lauren Graham as her mother Lorelai. The characters and their eccentricities are very relatable?and the show actually brings up a lot of important life issues. Every time I rewatch it new thoughts crop up and I begin to subconsciously judge and dissect the show and it’s two leading ladies.

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A lot of things with Rory stick out for me and I’m horrified at some of the things she puts up with and ultimately does. Sure Lorelai isn’t perfect and her drama over her parents can be annoying and grating sometimes. I often find myself rolling my eyes at her and wondering why at her age she doesn’t just ignore their crap instead of letting it drive her crazy.

I mean I’m only 27 and well before now I stopped letting my family dictate my life and drive me crazy with their judgements etc, It’s just not worth the hassle and would stress me out a lot.

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I feel like I’ve had a lot of experience with life, work and relationships so felt I would weigh in on the issues that bug me. Not picking apart the series at all, I love it and wouldn’t change a thing. I’m looking at this as though the characters aren’t fictional as the situations are ones you could easily find in real life. So let’s get into it.

Rory’s Relationships

So Rory gets her first boyfriend dean and that’s all great for 2 years until Jess comes along. Rory quickly becomes infatuated with this boy, not sure why.? You’d have to really dig deep and also be out of your mind to want a relationship with this guy.

It kind of reminds me of a similar situation I was in when I was 15, which is close to Rory’s age at this time. I had a boyfriend, then I met this other guy (a jess) with a bad rep and for some reason decided I was interested in him. When he asked me to go over to his house knowing it was likely that something may happen (even just a kiss) I broke it off with my boyfriend because I wasn’t that into him and my flighty ass wanted to see where things would go.

Now Rory lied to everyone about how she felt but it was obvious! If she didn’t know she liked Jess she’s an even bigger idiot than she appears at this point. So she strings Dean along all the while not really being into him anymore and then she actually kissed Jess. Which was so stupid and equals cheating. She didn’t seem to care or feel guilty about this much but kept it secret for a while as she was clearly?ashamed.

After her & Jess kissed he hooked up with Shane who seemed more his kind of girl in that they would just hook up. Jess seems like he’s much more advanced in this way than innocent Rory who is a virgin. Rory wasn’t really thinking about all that stuff until she met Jess, which I kinda find weird when you’ve been with someone for 2 years.. but everyone is different. My point is that Jess’ sexual maturity is a lot different than Rory’s and also that she changed when she met him.

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Anyway after Dean finally dumps her ass Rory and Jess get together straight away, harsh much. But Dean takes it really well. I like Dean he’s a better guy than Rory deserved. She was really lucky to have him as her first boyfriend.

Their situation kinda reminds me of a friend of mine who had a boyfriend for years until she gets bored and breaks things off. They had a bit of the same dynamic as Jess & Dean in that Dean is possessive and a bit controlling when it comes to boys and other things.

Back on topic with Rory.. then the inevitable happens, Jess doesn’t call and is his moody self. Later he’s really full on with Rory and wants to have sex upstairs at a party but Rory doesn’t want to. He then takes his frustrations out on her and gets mad and not long after this he leaves without saying goodbye, thus that’s the end of their “relationship”.

Rory was right to say no to Jess, I would not want my first time to be upstairs at a party like that but she chose Jess who would have no issue with this. After this and him getting mad that would be it for me and I wouldn’t be like “what did I do?” and crying about it. Young girls are dumb though I guess… I was plenty dumb.

That’s the end of the Jess chapter now back to Dean again! Because Rory just does whatever she wants and is a selfish, naive, little bitch.

Once Jess leaves she starts seeing Dean again and it’s obvious that he still loves her. Even though he marries Lindsay! I have no idea why he does that. To force himself to move on and try and get over Rory maybe. I could speculate further.. but I won’t.

So Rory is the other woman and decides to lose her virginity to Dean. She didn’t even think about sex while they were together and now he’s married and not available she decides it’s a good idea. The fact that she may break up a marriage didn’t even enter into that pretty little head of hers.

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I know she is still young but she is an exceptionally intelligent girl (in academics anyway) and even when I was a younger I knew cheating was wrong and I’ve never done it. Sleeping with another womans husband is absolutely disgusting.

How she reacts when her mum confronts her really shows her lack of maturity and naivety. She views Dean as her property that she can just pick up and drop whenever she feels like it. Even though he’s married, he’s “her Dean” because she dated him first.

Now I’m not laying all the blame at Rory’s feet.. he cheated on his wife and is equally a douche here but I’m speaking about this from a woman’s point of view so looking at Rory’s actions and how Lindsay would be feeling. A feeling I know all too well as I have been cheated on.

It is never ok to be the other woman or to cheat on someone. I honestly don’t know how people can do this, let alone be ok about it. Rory was more upset about giving the ballerina a bad review!

Something you need to know about me is I hate selfishness, stupidity & cheaters (a subject I have experience in).

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Later Rory’s relationship with Logan.. She has him, turns down his proposal and later is the other woman again when he’s getting married. What is wrong with this girl! You cannot just discard men like this and also keep being the other woman. Have you learnt nothing you silly girl!? She wants to have her cake and bloody eat it too.

It really pisses me off and there’s a lot on a personal level I hate about Rory. So many people in her town think she’s great and sweet etc and maybe she was when she was a child but then she just turns into this annoying, flighty, selfish girl.

I think her and Logan are good together and should get engaged. I reckon there’s more to their story as the seem perfect for each other and because of the last episodes cliffhanger.

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Anyway enough of my rants and attacks on Rory Gilmore. That girl just had me thinking lately and it brought up some personal feelings I guess. There’s so much in the series that it would be so hard to put all my thoughts about all the relationships and issues it tackles it in one post. I just ran with this idea.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear your thoughts!

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