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Eating Out: McDonald’s – A Vegans Guide

After hearing about the recent cock-up McDonald’s made (giving a vegan a McChicken sandwich) and the fact that I’ve never eaten there since being vegan. I took it upon myself to visit my local restaurant to see how it fared.

The restaurant was nice and very modern looking since I last visited well over a year ago. No more cashiers and instead you order view the machines. I like this as you can take as long as you need and you’re not rushed by someone. And most importantly you can customise your items easily and make sure your order is right.

So I ordered the Spicy Vegetable Deluxe burger meal which is veggie as is but can be made vegan by getting it without mayo.

Spicy Vegetable Deluxe Burger


Spicy Veggie Patty
Sesame Bun
Lettuce (Iceberg)
Cool Mayo
Sweet Chilli Sauce


Fries?- Fried in vegetable oil and are 100% potato.

Tropicana -?No fish in it over here so totally suitable for vegans.

I decided to get my burger without the mayo & cucumber (who the fuck has cucumber in a burger!) We’re vegan, not weirdos.. 😉

My order came freshly made (hot) and as instructed. Although I did check it before I ate. A vegan has to be careful.?People make mistakes, this isn’t?unusual or a recent occurrence. And is certainly not exclusive to McDonald’s either.

The burger was yummy and I would definitely have this meal again.

One of the bonuses of eating as a vegan at places like this is that your food is fresh to order and is always hot, can’t complain about that.

The food is what it is.. Tasty & cheap junk food. Let’s face it, It’s not gonna win you any medals for health or activism but If you fancy some cheap eats and want to eat with non-vegans then you can. At the end of the day if it’s vegan I’m eating it, and no one should feel guilty about that. Those who don’t eat at McDonald’s aren’t superior for not giving them their?money and shouldn’t?make you or anyone feel like they are.



Yes, I realise that McDonald’s isn’t the greatest company and don’t value animal welfare like me or other vegans do. But how do we expect to make veganism “mainstream” and get others on board or thinking about it??A lot of people think that they couldn’t?do it and would miss out on things, It’s our job to educate them and show them that’s?not the case. Most people and businesses need guidance. Starting with well-known brands and things people know works incredibly well.

Look at Tescos?launches of vegan products and other well-known brands like Goodfellas pizza and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream that have effectively jumped on the vegan bandwagon. Do you come after them? No. None of the scenarios is perfect and in an ideal world all vegan food would be sold/made by vegan companies who have a carbon footprint of zero, rescue 200 dogs every week and make their own almond milk and kombucha.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course and I assure you that my opinion of McDonald’s is not glowing. I’m not stupid, just pragmatic. We need to work with companies like them and get them on our side. Using aggressive tactics, attacking their ethos and not eating there will just make them run their company the same way they always have. They don’t care about animal welfare, not really. The only language they speak is green, they want our money – that’s just a fact. They can refute that but it’s totally true.

Image: McDonald’s. The McVegan

The launch of the McVegan demonstrates them trying to dip into the vegan market as they’ve acknowledged that there’s a lot of us and it’s smart business. If we want them to introduce more vegan products or get the McVegan being sold in the UK we have to increase the demand. if they suddenly grew a conscience and cared about animal welfare they would go completely plant-based, but they have options for us at least. Same can’t be said of some establishments and it’s still progress, no matter how you spin it.


Kids are the future

McDonald’s has and probably always will be aimed at kids and families in general. I want to be able to show my niece and nephew that even though I don’t eat cows and chickens that I can still enjoy a meal with them there from time to time. It shows them how easy it is and that I don’t miss out on anything because I’m “different”. Their impressionable minds will only see this as a positive and get them asking questions. That’s the first step towards progress, asking questions and having knowledge. Knowledge is power.

So in closing, I will eat at McDonald’s, because I want to and it is my right to do so. Keep cruelty off my plate and I am all for it. They can still go fuck themselves though.

Vegan & want to eat at McDonald’s? Here’s what you can have:

Veggie Deluxe (ask for no mayo/sauce)
Spicy Veggie Deluxe (ask for no mayo)

Toasted Bagel (Plain)
Hash Brown
Apple and Grape Fruit Bag

Shaker Side Salad
Carrot Sticks

Sauces:?Tomato Ketchup, Spicy Tomato Salsa, Sweet Chilli Sauce and Dip, BBQ Dip, Sweet and Sour Dip, Sweet Curry Dip


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