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Don’t let anyone dull your shine!

I haven’t been feeling so great this weekend and wanted to offer up some advice for anyone else who has ever felt angry, hurt, betrayed, disgusted.. all those lovely feels that make you feel like poo.?But listen..?all those things are horrible and you shouldn’t allow anyone to dull your shine because you know what…

you’re fucking fabulous!


So last night when I was feeling some kind of rage I just let myself be angry, hurt and all those other shitty emotions all at once. I let myself really feel for a while then I said to myself ?”No! I’m done with this! He doesn’t get to make me feel like this anymore! I’m better than him & fucking better than this!”

So I pulled myself together, made myself some tea, watched peep show and listened to music from mega babes like Cher, Beyonce, Stevie Nicks, Hole & Shakespeare’s Sister. Then I slept.. Like really slept for 13 hours.

I awoke feeling refreshed and determined. Ready to kick some ass and be productive today. 🙂

I’m not perfect and sometimes I just cannot climb out of that abyss and want to drown my sorrows, be numb and forget my pain. But I feel like that’s a luxury I cannot afford and I don’t want to fall back into old unhealthy habits. But its ok to have an off day & to feel. You shouldn’t bottle it all up.

[otw_shortcode_quote border_style=”bordered”]People don’t give themselves enough credit for overcoming things and getting better. Like you made it this far, celebrate your strength![/otw_shortcode_quote]

Ladies, this post is for you

For those who’ve had bad relationships, battle with depression daily, alcoholism, have negative people who bring you down, anything that dulls your shine.

Take care of yourself, nurture your soul, fill your cup first, fight back, cut negative ties. Whatever it takes to stop you from drowning.?You are stronger and more capable than you know.







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