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10 reasons why October is great

I absolutely Love this time of year. Here are my top 10 reasons why October is so great:

1.Halloween (DUH!)

Dressing up, Halloween treats, scary films, makeup, cold weather, kids having the time of their lives. What’s not to love!


2. Autumn

the glorious time of year filled with Pumpkin-spiced everything, pretty leaves, great food, farmers markets, hot drinks, cute pjs. The friggin list goes on…


3. It’s the one time of the year that being yourself isn’t so “weird”

 If you’re at a certain age, get bullied or people aren’t that receptive to your creepy ways this month has got you.


4. Pumpkins!

They’re in shop windows, supermarkets, your lattes, every possible food you can think of. These wonderful orange beauties make their way into our stomachs and our hearts. I love them!


5. Scary Movies

They’re on the tv more as its Halloween month, which is never a bad thing. A chance to rewatch the old classics & some newer ones that are so bad they’re good. Plus this is an activity where snacks are essential, popcorn at the very least.


6. Food

Soup & stew weather is finally upon us and isn’t it fantastic! I love a nice big warm bowl with some crusty bread on a grey day. Fruit pies, cinnamon in everything and comforting suppers, doesn’t get much better.


7. Halloween makeup

Brands release special Halloween face paints and cosmetics which are always amazing! And if you’re a Hallowqueen like me you rock them all year round. Black lipstick and white powder are not just for Halloween.


8. Shorter days

If the dark turns you on, it comes earlier from now. Woohoo! Fellow Nyctophiles rejoice!


9. Hot drinks

Tea, pumpkin spiced lattes & hot chocolate are consumed much more as a comfort in the cold weather. And who doesn’t love a trip to Starbucks or making yourself hot chocolate with cream & marshmallows of an evening?


10. All of the above

October is amazing and my favourite month of the year. All of these things combined make it the perfect month. I wish it was Halloween every month.

*All pics from Splasher app

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  1. Yes October is beautiful for the beautiful fall. I have not experienced fall as I live in Philippines but I just love to see the fall pictures, makeup, hot drinks 🙂 Lovely post

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      Isn’t it. It’s my favourite. Wow that’s so interesting.. I would miss autumn/fall too much. Thanks so much! <3

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